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Based in Edinburgh, my work as a basketweaver combines contemporary design with traditional skills. All my baskets are handcrafted using willow grown in the UK, sometimes incorporating other natural materials such as windfallen branches for basket handles or locally grown dogwood for an extra splash of colour.​    


Willow basketry is an inherently sustainable craft form as the willow can be used in its raw state; the different varieties of willow provide a vast array of colours without the need for chemicals; and a basket can be made simply with a few tools and a pair of hands. It is important to me that my creative practice has a low environmental impact and that the pieces I create can return to the earth when they’re no longer needed.   ​ 


Following a career in experiential design for the museums and heritage industry, I was inspired to take up basket weaving and was recently awarded the VACMA Early Careers Bursary. I'm a member of the Basketmakers’ Association and Scottish Basketmakers' Circle.    


​If you are interested in purchasing a basket or have any questions about my work, please feel free to contact me.

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